Dan Jacobson

Personable and flexible employee with great experience in marketing. Graduated in May of 2013 from Western Illinois University, with a degree in communications and a minor in journalism. Writing is my best asset and I have found that it can be applied to a wide array of industries. With experience in both big and small companies, I can easily adapt to any new situation that might confront me.

Alta Loma, CA Dentist, Dr. Michael Kim Restores Dental Implants after Surgery

There are many options to fill the space left behind from a missing tooth. Dental implants have the greatest potential to be a permanent solution available for replacing missing teeth. Implants are widely considered the modern-day solution to missing teeth as they provide an aesthetically pleasing, potentially permanent answer to a serious problem. Dr. Michael Kim provides dental implant procedures to help his Alta Loma, CA patients restore their smile and fix their bite after implant surgery.

Clinton, NY Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Tucciarone Utilizes InterX Therapy to Treat Chronic Pain

InterX is an advanced form of stimulation that is very powerful and focuses on electro-stimulation that offers patient-specific applications to effectively and consistently reduce pain. Dr. Michael Tucciarone of Associated Chiropractic has brought this innovative treatment option to his Clinton, NY chiropractic office in order improve patients overall health. The InterX provides dynamic and targeted treatment to problem areas to reduce pain by desensitizing the nerves. The machine produces a pr

Bordentown, NJ Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Parkes Treats Patients Suffering from Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common condition, but the symptoms and severity of the pain vary greatly depending on the situation. While a lower back muscle strain might be excruciating enough to visit the emergency room while a degenerating disc might only cause mild, intermittent discomfort. Dr. Thomas Parkes of Bordentown Chiropractic Clinic in Bordentown, NJ is an expert in his field, and has been treating his patients of all ages and sizes for a number of years. According to the American Chiro

Chicago, IL Dentist, Dr. Aroon Pal Offers Dentures for Patients Hoping to Improve the Aesthetic Appearance of their Smile

Chicago, IL Dentist, Dr. Aroon Pal Offers Dentures for Patients Hoping to Improve the Aesthetic Appearance of their Smile Dentures are a great option for those looking to replace missing teeth with a non-permanent solution. There are two type of denture and they are used depending on each individual case. Dr. Aroon Pal, located in Chicago, IL offers both full and partial dentures to help patients retain their original smile quickly and effectively. Dentures improve chewing ability and speech, a

Spring with the White Sox

The ball clubs are scheduled to play everyday, but it is a much more relaxed and laid back environment for the players who prepare for the 162-game grind of the regular season. This spring break I was granted the opportunity to have total access with the Chicago White Sox for one day in order to take a student's point of view on what spring training is really like. It is and always will remain clear to me that I must stay unbiased when it comes to my writing, but in this particular setting it